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IECT had an interview with CE NETWOKRS KOREA on October 21st.
The topic of the interview was the importance of explosion protection, the current status and potential of the explosion protection market in China, etc.,
This interview has been an important step to accelerate entry into China in the future.

In addition, through this interview, we will be a company that helps domestic companies that wish to enter China.


1. Pre-Interview
- In Korea, about one-hundred large and small explosion accidents occur a year.
- Explosion protection is a good technology that can protect people and property in advance.
- Application cases vary according to the site process and structure.
- China also has the potential to grow more than 100 times compared to the existing market in the future.

2. Concept and importance of explosion protection
Explosion protection technology prevents one of the three explosion elements: ignition source, combustible material and air from combination.
In Korea, there are about one-hundred large and small explosion accidents a year.
The explosion causes a lot of damage to property and people.
Explosion protection is a good technology that can protect people and property in advance.

3. Company Introduction / Introduction of core technology
IECT Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2012. There are now, about 20 employees and more than 70% are explosion protection experts.

I have been working in this field for about 20 years but explosion protection is quite difficult. It is needed to know not just explosion protection area but also various explosion protection regulations or relavant standras. And the application cases are all different depending on processes and the sites.

We, IECT, have experiences in petroleum/chemical, steel, power generation, IT and all other explosion-proof applications and are responsible for the services required by our customers based on those experiences.

IECT files 2 to 3 patent applications and design patents every year. In particular, we are applying for specialized patents in the explosion-proof field.

In addition, we provide explosion protection consulting diagnosis and countermeasures-engineering-supervision-explosion-proof training through ONE STOP SOLUTION when visiting the site.

4. Explosion protection status and market potential in China
In 2009, the explosion protection regulation in Korea switched from performance testing to safety certification and the market size has grown by about 100 times.

Since its foundation in 2012, IECT has grown steadily, especially in IT, which dominates about 70% of the market.
In the case of explosion protection in China, a new explosion protection law called CCC Ex has been enacted.

Just as Korea has grown in the explosion protection market since 2009, China has the potential to grow more than 100 times compared to the existing market in the future.

Still, there are many shortcomings in the Chinese industrial site.
We can go into the field to diagnose and provide solutions for free.
We are a company that can support explosion protection engineering and supervision, and to issue Chinese explosion-proof certificates if necessary.

5. IECT's future plans and expectations for the Chinese market

In Korea, we plan to develop and supply explosion protection devices or equipment necessary for existing customers.

Currently, more than 80% of our customers are in IT but recently we are planning to expand to petroleum/chemical such as LG Chemical, S-Oil in Ulsan and Hanwha Chemical in Yeosu and to the steel industry including POSCO.

We plan to diversify our business.
In the case of China as mentioned above, we plan to expand the market by providing shortcomings and solutions through free on-site diagnosis.