Ex-Proof Certification


According to the customer’s request, we can change the design of general equipment that cannot be used in hazardous area into Ex-proof equipment or use alternative parts to obtain Ex-Proof certificate.
IECT provides consulting and certification agency services for acquiring appropriate safety certificate for each country such as IECEx, ATEX and China as well as domestic KCs certificates.


  1. Document Test
    • Fill in application form for document Test
    • Prepare a document
      Drawings, manual, picture of product
    • Issue examination result
  2. Factory audit
    • Fill in application form for factory audit
    • Refer to Quality Management System document
    • Issue examination result
  3. Product Inspection
    • Fill in application form for Production Inspection
    • Submit examination result about document test & factory audit
    • Issue examination result
  4. Issue Certificate
    • Complete issue the certificate


  • Smart Purge (KCs)

  • Smart Purge (NEPSI)

  • PU200 (KCs)

  • PU200 (NEPSI)

  • RTD Sensor (KCs)

  • RTD Sensor (NEPSI)

  • Power Control Box (KCs)

  • Local Control Panel (IECEx)

  • LED Tube Light (IECEx Conversion)

  • Tubular Light (KCs)